Maví 1.0.9 Is Now In The App Store

Maví version 1.0.9 has been released and is not available at the App Store. It adds a couple of new features including tag suggestions and tools to fix library bookmarks.

The first new feature is tag suggestions functionality suggests tags that are associated with an artist. When you enter an artist name that already exists in the library, Maví looks for tags that have been recently used with that artist and adds them to the tag field. This will save users a lot of time typing tags. This option can be disable in the preference panel allowing you to enter your own tags overtime if you wish so.

The second new feature is a new functionality that allows the user to fix bookmarks at a specified location. Let say one of your share drives goes down and you need to replace that drive. Hopefully you have a backup and all the files are restored but Maví bookmarks are not working now. You can go now go to the edit menu and select Fix Bookmarks At. You can now browse to the disk that holds all your content and Maví will refresh the urls for all the media files in that location. In order for this fix to work the share has to have the same name as the old share.

I believe this makes a great release, these new features along with a couple of bug fixes make Maví a solid media manager. To view Maví in the App Store click here. To go to Maví’s official site click here. Thanks for the support!


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