PS4 Anyone?

Well… I most admit that after watching the E3 presentations I’m now less of a PS4 hater.

I’ve been a long Xbox follower, I tend to go more for the story rich games like Gears of War, Halo, Dante’s Inferno, Tomb Raider, Mass Effect series, etc… Not very much interested in Call of Duty and all those mindless first person shooters. For me a game must have depth, mindless shooting without discrimination is not something I’m attracted to.

Anyhow, I’ve been waiting for a good reason to invest on a Xbox One, but after watching Microsoft’s E3 presentation I’m still waiting for one, on the other hand Sony gave me plenty of reasons to to buy a PS4. Sony is definitely committed on providing you the best gaming experience vs Microsoft trying to provide you an all-in-one TV integration solution that is failing to deliver in all fronts. TV is a difficult market, one that is about to explode in the near future, but too many players having their on take on how TV should work is definitely slowing things down. We’ll have to see how Apple will play their card, they definitely have the cash to deliver an amazing TV experience, we’ll have to sit and wait for that, but back to the main feature. Sony is focusing on the gamer, they are working with developers to provide the most exclusive features to their platform and are providing tools to make indie developers main players in the industry. This last one makes me happy, indie developers are driving innovation and pushing the game experience to new levels (think Minecraft).

So after much thought (and the lack of a Gears of War game in the near future) I’m going to be buying a PS4. Destiny will be pretty epic on the PS4, with improve graphics and exclusive content on the PS4 (ouch Microsoft). But there is still hope for Microsoft but this will cost them, the gamers are already leaning towards the PS4 and bringing them back is going to cost big bucks, the is holiday season will be a do or die for Microsoft, they can’t afford to have another holiday season where Sony destroys them on consoles sold. Your move Microsoft…

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