Removing The Not So Useful Dashboard

Assuming that you are a regular Mac user, can you remember the last time you used the Dashboard? Well, most people don’t because most people just don’t use it.

Although, OS X has superb memory management and processor scheduling, removing the dashboard can still improve responsiveness and will free up a little bit of memory that you can spend on other useful applications like Front Row, Photo Booth…

Anyway, I’ll show how you can disable this feature, first thing you should know is that on OS X Mavericks¬†the Dashboard can occupy a space in Mission Control . To remove it you just need to go to System Preferences and open the Mission Control panel, uncheck the first option to remove Dashboard from your spaces. Now you won’t see the Dashboard occupying a space in Mission Control.

If you are still not satisfied… And want to make the Dashboard disappear completely, go to the applications folder, there look for the utilities folder and open the Terminal, you can also do a Spotlight search (Command-Space) and type Terminal, it will pop right out. On the terminal type the following commands:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES

Now reload the Dock,

killall Dock

You are done, the Dashboard is disabled, to re-enable it just type:

defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO
killall Dock

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